DeMarcus Ware
Some attributes
First College: Troy
Second Drafted: 2005, first round, eleventh pick
Third Career: DAL 2005-pres.
Other attributes
DeMarcus Ware is a defensive tackle for the Cowboys. He stands 6'4" and weighs 260 pounds.

Career highlightsEdit

Ware has been elected to seven Pro Bowls and has started all but one game in his eight-year career. He led the NFL in sacks in 2008 and 2010. 

In episode 2Edit

When he appeared on the show, the Cowboys were playing their hated rivals, the Washington Redskins. With Robert Griffin III not playing, the Cowboys are favored to win. In the fourth quarter and the Cowboys up by a field goal, Ware sacks Washington quarterback Rex Grossman and forces him to fumble. Ware then scoops up the fumble and takes it to the house.

This was the call from Rich & Michael:

"Grossman, back to pass...looking, looking, now here comes Ware and he goes down! The ball is loose! DeMarcus Ware scoops it up, he's at the thirty, the twenty, the ten, five, endzone! Touchdown, Cowboys! Oh my, what a play!"

Later, when his statistics are read, strangely, the NFL Films narrator does not read them. Instead a news reporter who is interviewing Ware says, "I'm here with DeMarcus Ware, six-time Pro Bowl selection..."