Ford field

The stadium in 2006.

Ford Field is the home of the Lions. It was opened in 2002 to replace the Silverdome.


Ford Field
Some attributes
First Broke ground: 1999
Second Opened: 2002
Third Home of: Detroit Lions
Other attributes
Fourth Address: 2000 Brush Street, Detroit

The most distinct feature of the stadium is a six-story glass atrium where the suites are located. The grass surface is FieldTurf and there are scoreboards at each end of the field.


The stadium hosted Super Bowl XL in 2006. The Pittsburgh Steelers played the Seattle Seahawks. Although Pittsburgh was the designated home team, they wore white for this game since all of their playoff victories that year were on the road. The Steelers won the game 21-10, giving Pittsburgh their first Super Bowl victory in 26 years. But this game is best known for being a retirement party for Steelers running back (and Detroit native) Jerome "The Bus" Bettis, after 13 years in the league.

Megacore LocationEdit

The megacore is located in a trophy case outside one of the locker rooms.